Baseline data: March 2015
An Approach to Redefine Rural Livelihood Mission March 2015 To Achieve ODF Nadia

To start with, District Administration carried out an intensive house-to-house field level survey to identify families without toilets/access to toilet (and thus practicing open defecation) in Decemeber2013-January 2014 using AWW-ASHA workers. The survey revealed around 3.09 lakh households without toilets.

Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan (NBA)
Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation
State Name :- WEST BENGALDistrict Name :- NADIA
Type of family Total Households Households with toilets Households without toilets % of families without toilet
Below poverty line families (eligible for subsidy) 425386 238020 187366 44.04
Above poverty line families (eligible for subsidy) 413370 298727 114643 27.73
Above poverty line families 201700 163828 37872 18.77
Total Families 1040456 700575 339881 32.66