Community Mobilization
An Approach to Redefine Rural Livelihood Mission March 2015 To Achieve ODF Nadia

A) Inter Personal Communication:-
  • First step towards community mobilization was to orient people’s representatives from all strata. For this purpose extensive three tier training programmes were arranged. Primarily at Zilla Parishad, Block and Gram Panchayat levels. These functionaries were mobilized to accelerate the inter personal communication at the grassroot level.
  • Second step was to orient health and Anganwari workers/women of self help groups/clusters for increasing awareness of people through IPC. (Inter Personal Communication)
  • Thirdly Sanitary Marts which are basically NGOs/CBOs were channelized for house to house visit for disseminating the message of utility of “New Sabar Shouchagar” model instead of practicing open defecation.
  • Educational institutions and school children were made integral part of the campaign, for awareness generation and spreading the message and need for sanitary latrines to parents/households through children.
  • ‘Sanitation Pledge’ taking was made compulsory in every schools from 2nd October on every Monday till completion of campaign phase to promote sanitary latrines instead of open defecation.
  • I.P.C. have been conducted also through faith leaders during religious gathering like Pujas, Eid-ul-Fitar.

Visual Media

Huge drive was launched to reach out the people through visual publicity. Different kinds of posters, flexes, leaflets designed with simple message for better understanding of the targeted groups.

Through Mass Media
  • Documentary Film:- Two documentary films were prepared in both English and Bengali. These films were exclusively exhibited on Cable Network, in different Fairs, Exhibitions, Local Video Shows for awareness generation.
  • Street Plays:- Maladies of open defecation was exhibited through a drama especially on the open defecation prone zones. The play was easy to understand in simple local language and exhibited with the message of utility of Sanitary latrine.
  • Toll free number (1077) for meeting any query was launched.
  • A dedicated website has been developed to cater to the concerned persons as well as citizen.

Mass Mobilization