ODF Enforcement Through Para Najardari Committee
An Approach to Redefine Rural Livelihood Mission March 2015 To Achieve ODF Nadia


ODF Enforcement

For the sustainable behavioral change against open defecation, a series of actions has been taken up. one of the most important action is enforcement. A team comprises of 8-10 members with dress code, whistle and cap etc. from each villages, makes a round that particular village to vigil whether anybody is defecating open or not. If anybody caught in red hand then they warn the violators and creates awareness among villagers against open defecation. A massive and continuous enforcement movement has been taken place under the leadership of District Magistrate Nadia; the name of the movement was ODF Enforcement Fortnight which started from 2nd April, 2015 to 16th April 2015. After this movement we found many positive behavioral changes among people by stopping open defecation.