Training and Skill Upgradation - Training and Orientation for Sabar Shouchagar
An Approach to Redefine Rural Livelihood Mission March 2015 To Achieve ODF Nadia

Training of P.R.I. Functionaries
  • District level training was held from the month of March-Junem
  • Participants were elected PRI functionaries
  • Same trainings were replicated at Block level also
Training of GP/Block Level Officials
  • First training of Technical persons and Officials was conducted on 6th July, 2013
  • Second refresher training was conducted on 30th September, 2013
  • Regular training programme were also arranged in Blocks
Training of Sanitary Marts/SHGs/Clusters
  • As supporting agencies, training of Marts were essential and crucial
  • 3 days training programme was arranged to make them understand the process of MGNREGA and its modalities
  • NRLM groups were additionally taken care by the DRDC for imparting them NREGA, Fund management trainings and capacity building
Training of Masons
  • For this work a separate pool of masons under sanitary marts were developed
  • Residential training courses were arranged for hands on training, regularly, with support from SIPRD, Kalyani and State Sanitation Cell
  • Almost 1200 masons have been trained till now

Continuous Training - Skill Upgradation
  • One of the most vital components of “Sabar Shouchagar” is effective training.
  • Training-cum-Orientation was done phase by phase to PRI Members, GP Officials specially Nirman Sahayaks, Block Officials and Sanitary Mart Officials, SHG groups, School teachers etc.
  • Apart from these institutional training, provision for continuous training for masons of Sanitary Marts have been organized in Nabadwip Block. Till now more than 1000 masons have been trained
Skill upgradation :
Mason Training facility for “sabar Shouchagar” at Chapra Block