Women Empowerment
An Approach to Redefine Rural Livelihood Mission March 2015 To Achieve ODF Nadia


Women Empowerment:
As a strategic decision Nadia District Administration identified, trained and nurtured women SHG groups to set up production centers and actually execute the programme. Thus we have 47 SHG groups and clusters functioning as Rural Sanitary Marts. This beside ensuring greater participation and sensitisation of women in the entire campaign, the women members became 'Sabar Shouchagar' change agents for the rest of the community. In the process it also resulted in financial and livelihood empowerment of these women groups.

  • Increased Women mobilization and participation.
  • Partnership with Women SHGs/Clusters for service delivery, 48 women groups functioning as Sanitary Marts, generated livelihood opportunities.
  • AWWs roped in the ‘Catchment area approach’ for health and hygiene promotion